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The riding lawn mower is the most comfortable and the most efficient mowing equipment, but its wheels require a lot of attention as they not only carry the weight of the equipment but also the operator who sits on it.

A small defect in the wheels might lead to a huge problem and a long breakdown if it is not resolved before some critical failure. Routine check-up is the key to ensure longevity and breakdown free operations of a riding lawn mower.

There are three common problems in the riding lawn mowers that we face on our day to day usage

1. Low Tire Pressure
The problem is usually caused due to change in weather, a little loss of air, etc. The deflated tires should be refilled to the recommended pressure level of the wheels before reuse. A wheel with a lower air pressure is more penetrable by sharp and pointed objects and can get easily damaged in uneven terrain.
It is strongly recommended to check the tire pressure of the wheels before every use. It is also recommended to have an air pump to ensure proper air levels before every use. If you are using the lawn mower regularly, a simple glimpse at the tires will reveal the position.

2. Flat Tires
If one or more tires are flat, it is recommended that you take those tires to the nearest maintenance shop and have a proper check-up for any punctures and damages. In case there is a puncture, it should be properly fixed before replacing it in the mower.
A riding mower is the most sensitive type of mower in terms of tire maintenance. If there is a sharp object stuck in the wheel, it is highly probable that the whole tire gets damaged by a single use as the tires carry the weight of the rider along with the machine. A flat tire should never be pressurized without a check of damages.

3. Jammed Wheels
In most parts of the world the mowers are not used for more than two or three months in the winter season. During this period the mower is always kept at a single spot and there is a huge chance of rusting and jamming of wheels. The mower wheels should be properly checked before each off season and also at regular intervals.
The mowers often get a huge amount of water by mist and water present in the lawns, this water accelerates the process of damage and rusting of the bearing and the other movable portions of the wheel. So, there should be regular oiling and a thorough oiling of these moving parts before storage in the off-season. It will ensure the longevity of the wheels.


A large number of tire damages and their effects can be mitigated by regular check-up of the wheels, regular oiling greasing of the wheels, and maintenance of proper air pressure in the wheels. A riding lawn mower carries much more weight than other mowers, so it is recommended to check for proper tire pressure before each use.

A breakdown of the tires will make the riding lawnmower immovable, forcing you to either drag it or tow it to the storage area. So, it is recommended to check the tires before every use to avoid such problems.

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