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Mrs. Laura Bush convened the White House Conference on Helping America¡¯s Youth at Howard University in Washington DC on October 27th 2005. There were more than 500 attendees ranging from parents, community and religious leaders, foundations, educators, researchers and experts in child development. They discussed the various problems facing America¡¯s youth and the solutions available. This website aims to examine the various issues facing youth today, who are growing in an increasingly fast-changing and globalizing environment.


Definition of Youth

Popular use of the word youth refers to a person who is neither an adult nor a child, but somewhere in between, scientifically referred to as an adolescent and, in most English speaking countries, commonly referred to as a teen or teenager. It is used to identify a particular mindset of attitude, as in "He is very youthful". The age in which a person is considered a "youth," and thus eligible for special treatment under the law and throughout society varies around the world. Commonly, a youth is defined as being somewhere between age 13 and age 25, with different countries and administrative regions choosing more narrow definitions within that frame. This treatment is increasingly negligible or negative, particularly in the United States where youth are routinely sentenced to longer sentences for similar crimes as adults. In various social, political, cultural, and legal contexts, the word "youth" refers to a pre-determined set of experiences, ideals, and perspectives